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Website Design – Branson Website Design

Bart Trotter Graphic Artist

Branson Website Design - Branson, Missouri 65616Website Design – Branson Website Design. Here are some examples of websites I have built. All of the websites have different features. Some of the websites are responsive (meaning they will respond to the screen size). They will re-size for computers, tablets or smart phones. Some of the websites are not responsive. Some are tablet and smart phone friendly (using jquery for image sliders) and some are built using flash – which is not mobile compatible and some of the websites have e-commerce (depending on individual client requests). As you can tell there are many factors to consider when designing your website! I will gladly meet with you in person, by email or by phone to discuss your needs and give you a free quote based on what I think would be best and what you decide that you need.

“Click” on the links below for examples of website design and maintenance.